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  • Should you purchase a new boiler or work with one?

    Should you purchase a new boiler or work with one? New rental strategy needs no money in advance - however costs could quickly build up Boilers can be costly. A new one can set you back around 2,000, according to the Energy Saving Trust, and the expense of installation can push the cost even greater.

    If you can't afford to pay for one upfront, exactly what about renting one out and paying a month-to-month fee rather?

    One company provides simply such a scheme, which covers a boiler and all parts of your heating unit versus breaks, repairs and damages. You likewise own the boiler after the 12-year lease has actually ended and an annual service is included.

    So is this a good solution to avoid having to stump up the cash? Or are there other expenses that make it a lot more expensive?

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  • Keighley boiler company backs Cougars

    A KEIGHLEY boiler company has fired-up a new sponsorship handle the town's rugby league club. Clever Energy Boilers is supporting the Cougars for the second year running and is this season's official Hall of Fame sponsor.

    The year-long contract consists of a pitch-side board and the company logo on the set. Clever Energy Boilers has actually also pledged that 100 from each referred sale will go to the club. Company director, Paul Calvert, said: "We're big believers in supporting our community. " It was excellent to be part of the Cougars family in 2014 and connecting with like-minded businesses.

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    The Clark-Reliance Corp. (Strongsville, Ohio; has been awarded a U.S. Patent for its Eye-HyeSmart Level system for remote indicator of water level for commercial boilers. The patent recognizes the uniqueness of the system’s self-diagnostic innovation, which smartly keeps an eye on the condition of its sensing probes. When probe cleaning is needed to remove residue and mineral build-up, the system’s smart innovation informs the control room before the probe ends up being unreliable.

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